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Qodesh CM and
Qodesh Engineering
are registered trade names of 
QPS, Inc., a Maryland Corporation.

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Qodesh CM 
Qodesh Engineering

Main Office:
30 W. 25th Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
410-662-5599 office

West Africa Office:
Cotonou, BENIN
+229 95 54 23 28
"It is not only possible, but altogether probable, that by diminishing nature we diminish ourselves ... We seek some kind of peace, even an alliance between the domestic and the wild." 

Wendell Berry

Design Management: 
Brian Stephenson
Engineers and Planners for the Built Environment
In 2018, a west African office was opened in Cotonou, BENIN.  New directions for the company are expected
as a result; particularly that of appropriate design.  The office seeks to explore opportunities for appropriate development based on principles of sustainability and biomimicry.